Senkaku – A Mission Without Order

Inspired by a true story, this modern techno-thriller starts with one man’s attempt to bring attention to a international dispute. When a second attempt is made, the spiral of events quickly bring the world to the brink of world war.

Tension between Japan and China has grown to a level not seen since prior to WWII. A virtual stalemate exists with neither side willing to make the next move.

Is this treason or the ultimate show of patriotism? Regardless, Air Force pilot Patrick Lin forces the issue. What happens next is much more than he bargained for, and the lovely Cherry makes a commitment of her own, choosing a destiny intertwined with the ambitions of world leaders.

Senkaku is an action-packed story that takes you behind the scenes and propels the reader into the inner sanctum of government, from Washington to Beijing, from Tokyo to Taipei.

Senkaku is the first English language book written by Taiwanese bestselling author Li Wang, translated and adapted by Mark Mason.